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Monday, 13 June 2011

Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)

Teasel, - Lee Valley canal system.
This is another one of our common plants, which has lots of names. The scientific name above comes from the Greek ‘to Thirst’ because of the area which joins the leaf and the stem that collects water like a bowl. This is also why it was known as Venus’s basin by the Roman’s and Mary’s basin by the early Christians. Apart from being a really important source of food for birds and pollen for butterflies I have not found any uses herbalist uses for Teasel. It does get commonly used as an ornament (I’ve definitely seen my Mum dot the odd one around the house) and, more significantly a as a tool it was an is used by Fuller’s who would comb wool with it. Today it is still cultivated for use in the textiles industry.

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