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This blog will contain pictures and information from my everyday encounters with nature in London and the surrounding areas. I will log details of the origin of each photograph thus recording what there is to be seen and where it was seen. I very much welcome anyone else who can upload photos and information about nature in London and the home counties. I work freelance in the film industry so have plenty of days off. I hope to update Monday to Friday and once on the weekend posting at around 19.30, I don't post on bank holidays

Monday, 14 March 2011

Cleavers (Galium aparine)

Cleavers - Central London
Also well known as Goosegrass or Sticky weed as well as a variety of other names. I know it best as that sticky weed which I still find quite fun to stick on an unsuspecting friends back.  This sticky characteristic is created by lots of very fine hairs each of which has a hook on the end. This design feature is a very successful way of dispersing the plants seeds with the assistance of passing animals or juvenile spirits. It's medicinal claims are many, cleavers are said to be rich in vitamin c and have diuretic and vulnerary properties. If you research Cleavers, the herbalist claims over the health giving effects of it are extensive. It's used to combat insomnia, eczema, tonsillitis, glandular fever, cystitis even cancer. The seeds can be roasted and used as a 'similar tasting' coffee substitute. I'll probably continue to enjoy using it to stick on peoples backs. Photo taken today on a patch of scrub land of Cornwall rd behind the National theatre and Waterloo.

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