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This blog will contain pictures and information from my everyday encounters with nature in London and the surrounding areas. I will log details of the origin of each photograph thus recording what there is to be seen and where it was seen. I very much welcome anyone else who can upload photos and information about nature in London and the home counties. I work freelance in the film industry so have plenty of days off. I hope to update Monday to Friday and once on the weekend posting at around 19.30, I don't post on bank holidays

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Common Frog

I spotted this frog on my doorstep in SE London late at night a few days a go. According to my Reader's Digest 'Britain's Wildlife, Plants and Flowers' 1987 they're found throughout Britain and Ireland...'Found mainly in The New Forest & south east London'
A Few Facts...
-Frogs are amphibians
-Common frogs are known to lighten and darken their skin to suit their surroundings
-Common Frogs have suction pads on their feet enabling them to climb trees
-They feed on insects and hibernate for most of the winter usually

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