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This blog will contain pictures and information from my everyday encounters with nature in London and the surrounding areas. I will log details of the origin of each photograph thus recording what there is to be seen and where it was seen. I very much welcome anyone else who can upload photos and information about nature in London and the home counties. I work freelance in the film industry so have plenty of days off. I hope to update Monday to Friday and once on the weekend posting at around 19.30, I don't post on bank holidays

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

Excellent walk round the NHM garden today with herbalist Claire Choudry. I think I'll be blogging about plants for the next few days. Photo taken in the gardens there. it's just about the most common plant in patches of untended land and can be of great irritation to the short wearer but this plant has a great deal of uses. It's sting is administered by small hairs found all over the plant which break off when touched. If you're going to pick stinging nettles bare handed, do it with a firm grasp. The young tips that you see at the top of this photo make excellent tea, soup and wine. The plant is rich in formic acid which has a number of uses. The Nettle may be used  by people with rheumatism and arthritis to sting affected areas of the body to alleviate pain. Other uses for this plant that a herbalist may suggest are as antihistamine, to treat migraines, eczema treatment and as a drink for nursing mothers to stimulate milk production.  Infusing the root for some time with hot water can be effective at treating prostrate enlargement. Obviously seek advice before using any plants for remediable properties and using plants for healing will not necessarily negate the need to visit the doctor but can be very effective in treating minor ailments.

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